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We are all about Presentation – yours, from the first phase to the last:

  • PHASE 1: Think, where you develop the content.
  • PHASE 2: Show, where you design the visuals.
  • PHASE 3: Tell, where you deliver the goods.

Visit us here to learn, and feel free to contact us for more at bill@rhetoriopresentation.com.
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Because your message deserves to be memorable.

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“Wow! I’m so impressed with how the presentation you wrote for us
both captured the complexity of our subject,
and told it in simple story form –
that really sounds like our CEO!”
~ VALERIE CONN, B612 Foundation

Upcoming Workshop: “Slide of Hand”


If you’re interested in a webinar version of this workshop, just drop me a line: bill@rhetoriopresentation.com.


3-Minute Tips: Animated Bullets

Check out our first video tip below, then come back soon for more!

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Richard Branson Speaks – and Here’s How (07.20.16)

The world-famous entrepreneur still gets nervous speaking in front of others. Find out how he makes it seem so natural in this 1-minute video . . .

Click here to hear – from Richard!

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The Only Thing We Have to Fear . . . is Missing Out on Matt  (06.11.16)

I recently came across a great site called Tactical Talks, hosted by Matt Kramer, originally a major public speaking-phobe who pushed himself to overcome his fear and went on to score some major successes competing in Toast Masters speech contests. When it comes to public speaking, Matt knows misery – and how to overcome it. His site, which features the free Ultimate Confidence Kit and an extensive collection of compelling blog posts, is designed to “build confidence in as many people as possible so that they can accomplish anything in life (public speaking is merely the tool). And I mean anything.” I’ve devoured the Kit myself, and already read a bunch of his blog posts. I plan to catch up on all of them over the next few weeks and then keep up with the new ones. The only difficulty I have is sticking to my limit of 2 or 3 at a time; I inevitably notice another intriguing title and say, “OK, just one more . . .”
Click here to overcome your fear!

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When Jack Welch Talks . . .  (03.31.16)

Great article by former GE CEO Jack Welch: 3 tips for successful
public speaking, and the truth about his first ever presentation . . .
Click here for the complete scoop!

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