No Apology Necessary

3 Tips to Ensure That Your Presentation
Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

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Perhaps you’ve heard – or said – things like this:

“Well, wow! That’s a tough act to follow. I hope you all enjoy my presentation half that much. I certainly don’t have her charisma or public speaking skills. But I guess I’ll go ahead and get started anyway. These are actually someone else’s slides, Jim from Marketing, so I’m not sure I’ll get through them all, but we’ll see what happens. So this first slide . . . well, it’s not really necessary for you guys. Or this second one. Actually, this whole opening section is a little overly technical for this presentation, so let me just skip ahead. Sorry, I had a personal emergency the other day. My car was broken into and a bunch of stuff was stolen, like my cellphone, and uh – fortunately, not my laptop, or you’d have missed out on this presentation entirely. So let me just . . . get to . . . here. I guess we can start here. Yeah, OK, might as well. So, I realize this is a bit of an eye chart, but the basic idea is . . .”

We get it. The basic idea is: this is gonna be a nightmare.

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Where the Heck Are We?!

5 Steps to Keep Your Audience Tracking
with Your Presentation

Where Photo

I bet you’ve been in this situation as the Audience (and maybe as the Presenter):

PRESENTER: [talk, talk, talk]
AUDIENCE: OK, so we’re on the first section. Got it.
PRESENTER: [talk, talk, talk]
AUDIENCE: Still on the first – wait, this looks like a new section. Is it? Did I miss the switch?
PRESENTER: [talk, talk, talk]
AUDIENCE: I’m confused. What’s this slide’s heading? I forget now; is it still the first one?
PRESENTER: [talk, talk, talk]
AUDIENCE: Whoa – is this a third section now, or still the second? Or still the first? What were those 14 bullets on the Agenda page? Somehow, I can’t remember.
PRESENTER: [talk, talk, talk]
AUDIENCE: Great, now I’m totally lost. Oh, well, maybe they’ll send the slides out later. Let’s see what’s on Twitter . . .

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Do You Have To?

3 Ways to Present When Your Audience
Doesn’t Want You To

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It’s here! After six months of work, this is the day you finally present your new Awesome Procedure to your team.

You’re thinking, They’ll love it! It’s got so many new features that offer so many new options and will give us so much more valuable data – I can’t wait to get this presentation started!

But they’re not thinking that.

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