BBJ Entry 007: Are You Sure About This?


Photo by Alin Meceanu

[FYI: The title “BBJ” refers to Bill’s Business Journey]

Early last week, I went for my morning workout. I’ve been doing it for a while, so it’s become rather rote. My mind can wander, and I found myself thinking about the upcoming date of September 1st, the target date for when I plan to be successfully supporting my family with my new business.

As I rounded a corner of the track, I ran straight into a tough question I’d never fully addressed: What will “success” look like? If the nature of business is ebbs and flows, how will I know if I’ve made it?

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The Tie That Binds

2 Theme Types for Connecting Your Presentation to Greatness



It often goes like this:

  • The presenter introduces the topic and shows the agenda slide; you understand it.
  • He shows the first slide in the first section, reads through the bullet points, and talks about the graphic; you basically follow it.
  • He shows the next slide and the next; you more or less get the gist of each one.
  • He then ends and asks for questions. And your first question is, “So, what does it all mean?”

Here’s what went wrong: there were plenty of details, but they weren’t effectively connected to a bigger picture.

In other words, there was no theme.

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BBJ Entry 006: First Success, First Lesson


Photo by Alice Achterhof

[FYI: The title “BBJ” refers to Bill’s Business Journey]


“A solo album is anything but.”  ~ Sting

As a first-time entrepreneur preparing to launch my own 1-man presentation consulting business, I was ready to wear a lot of hats – all of the hats, in fact.

So when my friend Sylvia suggested that I visit her husband Jim’s local small business networking group, my first inclination was to say no. I knew the importance of staying focused, and I had a lot of work to do to get ramped up. And though I’d heard about the value of like-minded Master Mind groups, I felt that spending an afternoon with strangers who were involved in unrelated businesses was a misdirected use of my time.

I was wrong.

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BBJ Entry 005: Perspective


Photo by Chris Davis

[FYI: The title “BBJ” refers to Bill’s Business Journey]

On December 9th of 2015, my plan was simple: create a presentation coaching business that will completely support my family starting September 1st, 2016. I would keep working at my full-time job as a technical writer until that date, then officially launch out on my own. For the next 9 months while I developed my business in a nice low gear, my day-job would be the bridge that supported me from my dream to the new reality.

Until the bridge collapsed.

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BBJ Entry 004: Reinvention


Photo by Ales Krivec

[FYI: The title “BBJ” refers to Bill’s Business Journey]

On December 9th, 2015, as a senior technical writer at a global firm, I took a walk after listening to a webinar by Dorie Clark, called Reinventing You. The title communicated the topic perfectly: how to reimagine your skills, experiences, and passions in a way that allows you to create your ideal profession. It began to stir my long-held desire to become a full-time presentation coach. The problem was, I didn’t want to be away from my family, traveling to client sites throughout the week.

Right after the webinar, I’d listened to a podcast by Pat Flynn, whose Smart Passive Income site offers a breath-taking amount of high-quality and free information on running your own online business. It got me thinking: perhaps I could create a full-time presentation business online, so I could do what I love and still be with the people I love. But I couldn’t help wonder how realistic that really might be.

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BBJ Entry 003: Walking with Elephants


Photo by Alessandro Desantis

[FYI: The title “BBJ” refers to Bill’s Business Journey]

I can dream big about running my own business – so big, I’ve discovered, that when my dreams are still a long way off, I tell myself that I’m working diligently on them, and they just take time. But when I face the truth, I have to admit that the reason they’re not yet a reality is because of fear.

Fear of . . . what exactly? I’m not sure. In fact, when I try to analyze it, it seems to dissipate for a moment, like walking through the fog: it clears up wherever you’re standing, but it’s always surrounding you.

Like many people, the way I deal with fear is to quickly switch into denial. But after 51 years, I’ve had to accept the fact that denial is getting me nowhere. It’s time to face my fear.

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