“The best way to become who you want to become
is to help others become who they want to become.”
~ Zig Ziglar

Bill Burns

Bill ProfileAs a career Technical and Marketing writer originally, my job has always been to help people understand stuff: how our connectivity microchip interacts with your video card; what process was used to make this year’s Pinot Noir; and why my client is the best choice for your business.

As the lone writer at a local start-up, I was grafted into a team of many writers when the small start-up was acquired by a large international corporation. My new boss asked me to create and deliver a presentation to the team, to describe the unique technology developed at the start-up – in other words, to help them understand our stuff.

So beginning with the story-based structure described by Cliff Atkinson in his book Beyond Bullet Points, I created a 3-act PowerPoint presentation. I added a bit of drama with an intriguing Prologue and Epilogue, and some ongoing humor with the help of a sympathetic comic relief character.

The result for the audience was an engaging presentation (“The best we’ve ever had”) and an enjoyable learning experience (“That’s the way you do it!”), and, as one attendee added, “We were outta there in 30 minutes. Well done!”

The result for me was the discovery that creating presentations to help people understand stuff – even when the topic appears to be rather dull – can be engaging, compelling, and even a lot of fun. I also acquired a new unofficial job title:
Presentation Guy.

“As a presentation coach and a presenter myself,
I’m often asked if I’ve been to Toastmasters.
The answer is Yes, many years ago, once –
and I never went back because I was too chicken.”
~ Bill Burns

Rhetorio Presentation

Logo RhetorioSeveral years later, I listened to a talk by a space scientist, detailing his organization’s current project. The content was globally relevant and completely fascinating. The presentation, however, wasn’t quite as compelling. So I decided to write a new presentation for him myself, to help people understand the stuff that was at stake.

After listening to the original talk again and watching several of the scientist’s YouTube videos, I created a revised presentation. I sent it to him unsolicited, and a few days later, received an email response. The subject line contained only one word: “Wow!”

. . . and Rhetorio Presentation was born.


YOU for About pageOur goal at Rhetorio Presentation is to help you understand some important stuff: how to create and deliver an engaging, compelling presentation for your audience, that will change their thinking and ignite their action. In other words, our mission is to help you become who you’d like to become: the best communicator you can be.

We can’t wait to get started.

Contact us anytime at bill@rhetoriopresentation.com.