BBJ Entry 019: The Dinner Party – Part 1


Photo by Anastasia Zhenina

[FYI: The title “BBJ” refers to Bill’s Business Journey]

This weekend marks a couple of firsts for my consulting business, Rhetorio Presentation: I’ll be hosting a brand-new workshop, titled First Contact. And, for the first time before any presentation, I’m not intensely nervous.

Instead, I’m really excited.

I think the simple reason for my response is that the evening isn’t all about me delivering information, it’s about my participants creating it. I’ll be introducing the key principles, but then the group will work together to help each other develop those principles for each of their respective businesses.

So rather than being the sage on the stage, I see my role as being the host at a dinner party. I’ll provide the main meal and facilitate the evening, but the real highlight will be the guests bringing their own unique side dishes, and combining them to see what we all make together.

Like any host, I am a little nervous. But as I make my final preparations and notice the scent of my main course in its final simmer on the stove, I keep trying to imagine what other foods my guests will bring, and how dynamic and delicious the evening will be, and I can’t wait to start hearing the doorbell ring . . .

Goodness, look at the time! Gotta run – but I’ll call you later and tell you all about it.


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