BBJ Entry 020: The Dinner Party – Part 2


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[FYI: The title “BBJ” refers to Bill’s Business Journey]

Last weekend was the premier of my newest workshop, First Contact: Engaging Potential Customers with the Heart of Your Business – YOU. The comfortable environment, a Zen-like living room at a local alterative health center, perfectly conveyed the tone that I had envisioned for the evening: an intimate and engaging dinner party.

I greeted each of the guests as they arrived, some I knew and some I would get to know throughout the evening. As we chatted before the workshop, we bonded quickly around a commonly shared topic: chocolate.

After gathering the group into a circle, I briefly explained the plan for the evening. I would introduce the 5 key principles of starting a business conversation with a new contact, and give the guests time to think through how they could apply each principle to their own businesses. Then they’d practice, sharing their ideas and getting feedback from the group – in essence, conducting real-world tests in a supportive environment.

I originally intended to stand aside during the discussions and let the guests work through each principle themselves. But as with any stimulating and open conversation, it was impossible to avoid getting drawn in, and I was soon offering encouragement and sharing my own insights as well.

By the end of the evening, the small gathering had grown into a connected group, like strangers at a dinner party who quickly become new friends. Each guest had brought a full plate of experience to share with the others, and we all left well-nourished with more clarity about our unique value and an assortment of new ideas for the road.

It was everything a host could hope for.

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