The Tie That Binds

2 Theme Types for Connecting Your Presentation to Greatness



It often goes like this:

  • The presenter introduces the topic and shows the agenda slide; you understand it.
  • He shows the first slide in the first section, reads through the bullet points, and talks about the graphic; you basically follow it.
  • He shows the next slide and the next; you more or less get the gist of each one.
  • He then ends and asks for questions. And your first question is, “So, what does it all mean?”

Here’s what went wrong: there were plenty of details, but they weren’t effectively connected to a bigger picture.

In other words, there was no theme.

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Do You Have To?

3 Ways to Present When Your Audience
Doesn’t Want You To

Why Photo

It’s here! After six months of work, this is the day you finally present your new Awesome Procedure to your team.

You’re thinking, They’ll love it! It’s got so many new features that offer so many new options and will give us so much more valuable data – I can’t wait to get this presentation started!

But they’re not thinking that.

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