Guess what: YOU can create and deliver a great presentation. We’re here to help you develop all the skills you’ll need, such as:

  • Determining your main message and supporting points (the hardest part)
  • Creating effective slides (the easiest part) and
  • Speaking in public (the scariest part)

We offer a Free 30-minute No Obligation Consultation to discuss what you want, what you need, and what we suggest. Knowing Your Audience is the first key to a great presentation, and the Consultation helps us learn about our audience (you) and lets you learn some more about us.

From there, we offer several options to assist you:

1-on-1 Consulting

Work directly with Bill, either in person or remotely, with one or more of the following packages:

  • Package 1: Review and Remark (1 hour)
    • I’ll look over what you have so far, if anything, and give you my feedback and suggestions.
  • Package 2: Plan and Prepare (2 hours)
    • I’ll strategize with you to set up the framework of your presentation, including identifying your audience, determining your main message and supporting points, and selecting a theme and tone for your slides.
  • Package 3: Design and Develop (4 or more hours)
    • I’ll work with you from beginning to end to write your outline and your script, develop your slides, and rehearse the delivery of your completed presentation. If you make a recording on Presentation Day, I’ll be happy to review it afterward to highlight your successes and offer suggestions for improvement for the next time.

Each of these packages can also be customized to meet your needs. Every presentation is different, and so is every presenter – so I’ll be happy to talk things through to develop a plan that works best for you.

Contact us at for more details.

“Thanks, Bill! It’s wonderful to now have a presentation that
truly represents the work that is my passion, and makes it accessible
to my audience. What a relief!!!”
Janice Drescher
Intentional Leaders



For small groups, we offer a variety of live, interactive, hands-on training sessions. You’ll get plenty of instruction, lots of practice, and healthy doses of supportive, constructive feedback (we don’t believe in “brutal honesty”). As with the individual packages, these can be customized for your needs: we can focus on concept development, slide creation, delivery, or all 3. The best part is the opportunity for frequent practice, little by little, in front of others. (Trust us; you’ll be fine). No previous knowledge, skills, or nerves required. Come as you are, leave even better!

Contact us at for more details.

“That was the best workshop I’ve ever been to!”
Lori Pelton
Clarus Academy



Want to just watch, listen, and learn? No problem! We deliver concise, interactive, and entertaining webinars covering any presentation topic you like, in whatever level of detail you need. Whether you’d like to learn about concept development, slide creation, delivery, or all 3, you’ll get an info-rich online presentation that you’ll actually enjoy, loaded with simple strategies and practical tips you can start using today and keep using forever. Our motto is, Everybody learns – and nobody sleeps.

Contact us at for more details.

“Your creative step-by-step delivery of the webinar was clear,
informative, and completely engaging, and the way you
blended in the humor was terrific. I didn’t want it to end!”
Linda Fenton
Broadcom Limited


Speaking Engagements

One of our favorite things to do is listen to ourselves talk – to other people, about how they can talk to even more people, even better. As presenters, we also walk our talk, so you’ll not only learn how to create and deliver a great presentation, but you’ll experience one, live. Contact us for more details. We look forward to speaking with you – and to you!

“Your skills certainly raise the bar for public speaking,
and your explanation of the techniques and the reasons behind them
has forever changed the way I see presentations. You changed me!”
Patrick Mallon
Broadcom Limited

Contact us at for more details.